Scottish Borders Council: Feuerstein Partnership

What is this?

This was a joint project between Scottish Borders Council and Tapestry. The project involved key practitioners within the Authority being trained in Mediated Learning and Instrumental Enrichment (a thinking skills and cognitive development programme) approaches.

Mediated Learning is a process in which an adult (in this case the teacher) mediates between the child and the environment in order to control and influence the stimuli to which the child is subjected, and to help them interpret those stimuli in a way that improves their understanding of the world. Mediation was central to the success of the Instrumental Enrichment programme and was the concept which differentiated it from other thinking-skills programmes.

This project was rolled out to all secondary schools, the secondary SEBD provision and five targeted primary schools in Scottish Borders through the training of key school personnel. All in all 29 teachers went through the full training programme along with a number of representatives from partner agencies. The primary schools pilot was based within the early years stages of the school – nursery – P3.

The potential of an integrated approach to Feuerstein was also explored and there were multi-agency elements of the training programme open to key partners such as social work, family support, school nurses and others. This approach ensured that the most vulnerable children and young people (e.g. looked after children) were fully supported at all levels. In addition an element of training/awareness raising for parents/carers was also incorporated in the training programme to help develop consistent and supportive approaches to work with young people facing difficulties.

FLaT involvement?

FLaT support was provided to assist Scottish Borders Council in an Authority wide approach to training in Instrumental Enrichment.

  1. Achievement & Attainment;
  2. Framework for Learning;
  3. Inclusion and Equality;
  4. Values and Citizenship;
  5. Learning for Life.

Project aims?

Project outcomes?

Key indicators of success over the next five years will include:-


The project started in August 2004 and ran until March 2006.

Level of Support?

FLaT support was a grant of £75,000 plus evaluation costs.

Who are the evaluation team?

The evaluation is being undertaken by a team from the QiE Centre at the University of Strathclyde.