Falkirk: Leading Teachers

What is it?

This two year pilot project involves the appointment of two Leading Teachers in each of four secondary schools to coach and mentor colleagues in approaches to effective learning and teaching. The Leading Teachers are identified through a rigorous recruitment and selection procedure and able to demonstrate proven ability in the classroom which has led to increased attainment and achievement. They are paid an annual fee of £1,000 and released from the classroom 0.4 FTE to support colleagues.

The programme is delivered in partnership with Stirling University where the Leading Teachers will undertake two Professional Enquiry modules to develop their skills in coaching and mentoring colleagues. These modules can be accredited to Chartered Teacher qualification. In addition all leading teachers are trained in Accelerated Learning to provide them with a common pedagogical basis from which to develop their role.

FLaT involvement?

FLaT support will help to provide fees, part-time release and aspects of training for the Leading Teachers in conjunction with the local authority which will contribute funding in cash and kind for the duration of the project.

  1. Achievement and Attainment
  2. Framework for Learning
  3. Inclusion and Equality
  4. Values and Citizenship
  5. Learning for Life

Project Aims?

Session 2006/07

Session 2007/08

Session 2008/09

The operation of the initial phase will be reviewed and if successful outcomes have been achieved:

Project Outcomes?

The Outcomes of the project are:


The project started in October 2006 and will run until June 2008.

Level of Support?

FLaT support is a grant of £102,860.


The project has established a management structure which includes a Steering Group, a Programme Board and a Leading Teachers Network. The scheme will be closely monitored in each school by a responsible DHT, at EA level by a Lead Officer who will report to the Steering Group and ultimately to the Secondary Schools Improvement Partnership on a termly basis. Evaluation will be carried out by an external agency yet to be identified.