Designing Scotland’s Sustainable School of the Future

What is this?

This project, which was managed by the Lighthouse, brought together primary and secondary schoolchildren and architects, artists and other key educational stakeholders in workshops aimed at identifying new ideas for the classroom of the future (schoolchildren workshop) and developed building strategies, design criteria and design proposals for Scotland’s sustainable school of the future (key stakeholder workshop). Ideas generated as a result of these workshops were developed and published to inform future thinking and building design.

FLaT involvement?

FLaT support was provided to consider the sustainable building types required in the future to provide the flexibility, accessibility and adaptability required to accommodate ICT developments, new ways of learning and teaching, community use etc. whilst also creating a positive learning environment for all pupils, including those with special educational needs.

  1. Framework for Learning
  2. Values and Citizenship
  3. Learning for Life

Project aims?

Project outcomes?


The project was started in 2002 and was completed in March 2003.

Level of support?

FLaT support was a grant of £30,000 plus evaluation costs.