East Ayrshire: Developing Young People’s Fluency in Reading and Writing in Gaelic

What is this?

This project aims to raise achievement in written and spoken Gaelic among young people in Gaelic primary and secondary immersion, whose home language is English. The target age group will initially be P6-S2. The project will raise achievement by teaching young people higher-order analytical skills in language and language study skills, including close reading and writing skills starting from quality texts provided by Stòrlann, the Gaelic National Resource Centre.

Teachers will be supported in their work of improving young people’s confidence and competence in handling the Gaelic language, advancing their ability to use a wider Gaelic vocabulary for imaginative, functional and personal writing as well as encouraging their oral fluency.

FLaT involvement?

FLaT support is being provided to enable East Ayrshire and a small group of partner authorities (Aberdeen, North Lanarkshire and Western Isles) to trial new approaches and materials aimed at raising levels of attainment in speaking, reading and writing in Gaelic. After refinement of the methodology and materials, a national seminar will be held for representatives of the 16 local authorities involved in Gaelic Medium education at which the methodology and materials will be disseminated.

  1. Achievement and Attainment;
  2. Framework for Learning;
  3. Inclusion and Equality;
  4. Values and Citizenship;
  5. Learning for Life.

Project aims?

The main aims of the project will be:

Project outcomes?

Video/CD Rom evidence from classrooms involved in the project will show improved oral skills among young people, better questioning by teachers and a wider range of vocabulary in discussions. Written evidence in the form of students’ writing will show a development of confidence and competence in written expression. It is axiomatic that the development of quality thinking among learners will result from the project.


The project started in January 2005 and is due to be completed by September 2006.

Level of Support?

FLaT support is a grant of £33,295.

Who are the evaluation team?

Not yet appointed.