Angus : Moving Image Education

What is this?

This is a 4-year project, which is designed to look at the contribution that moving image education can make to children’s education during the transition years P6-S2. The project will focus mainly on literacy attainment with a secondary focus on a small group of other key educational priorities.

The project is a collaboration between Angus Council, Angus Digital Media Centre, Scottish Screen and The British Film Institute (BFI). The project aims to embed moving image into the existing 5-14 curriculum. In year 1 the project will be introduced within all P6 classes in the Brechin area. The programme will then progress with these classes into P7 in year 2, while also repeating and improving the P6 provision. In year 3, the P6 and P7 provision will again be repeated and improved, while moving image education is developed across all S1 English classes in Brechin High School. In year 4, while repeating the P6-S1 provision as before, the project will expand in S2 to address additional areas of the curriculum.

Training will be provided by Scottish Screen, the BFI, and Angus Digital Media Centre staff, at the Centre and in school. A project leader has been employed to work closely with all schools involved.

FLaT involvement?

FLaT support is being provided to explore the use of moving image technology within education, and to assess its impact on levels of attainment and achievement.

  1. Achievement and Attainment
  2. Framework for Learning
  3. Learning for Life

Project aims?

Project outcomes?


The project was started in April 2004 and is due to be completed by June 2008.

Level of support?

FLaT support is a grant of £403,146 plus evaluation costs.

Who are the evaluation team?

The Department of Educational Studies at University of Glasgow led by Professor Eric Wilkinson and Dr Tina Besley.