About FLaT

What is the FLaT Programme?

The Future Learning and Teaching Programme was established to support and encourage pilot projects that challenged the current concepts of schools and explored new ways of learning and teaching.

What is the FLaT Fund?

The FLaT Fund was set up to support those local authorities, school clusters, schools and teachers in classrooms who had an innovative and exciting idea that they wished to pilot.

The most important outcomes were that the innovation embedded ways of:

and is sustainable beyond the life of the pilot.

How much money is available?

The programme is now closed to new bids.

What kind of project is eligible?

The types of innovation that the FLaT Programme aimed to encourage are listed below: learning & teaching

curriculum flexibility

values & citizenship

learning & teaching environment

learning for life

partnerships with parents, local business, enterprise, community & learning bodies

How do I apply for funding?

The programme is now closed to new bids.